Me and Bruce

December 19, 2019

Some of you may think that my comments on the subpoenas and Bruce Ackerman’s comments on the rules for the trial of the impeachment charges are in conflict. If the Senate adopts the rules used for the trial of the charges against Andrew Johnson, Bruce accurately describes the Senate process. I’m not convinced the Senate will go that way, but Bruce is right that it is important to understand what that track means. My own comments were aimed at Republican complaints that Democrats should have investigated more. As I outlined,  the significance of whatever the Court does about the subpoenas, will be entirely political. The evidence is sufficiently out there already .

Impeachment rules in the Senate

December 17, 2019

Bruce Ackerman of Yale Law School has written a clear description of the rules that will apply in the Senate. He explains that McConnell will have much less control than most have been assuming and that Chief Justice Roberts will have much more control. That will matter in many ways that Bruce explains. See

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