How Harmonised Draft Can Turn Our Foreign Affairs into Domestic Issues

June 8, 2010

Previously published in the Business Daily. 

I must confess that I really like the Harmonized Draft Constitution of Kenya. However, I believe that there are at least two changes that would substantially improve the draft with regard to Parliament’s involvement and oversight role over the conduct of foreign affairs by the Executive branch.

I am particularly interested in foreign affairs as they relate to the accountability of contractual commitments made to corporations that get paid millions, and often billions, of Kenya’s shillings from the public purse. Read the rest of this entry »


Why I Disagree With Mutahi Ngunyi on the Constitution

June 8, 2010

In an article titled “Draft Law is Too Playful and Experimental,” published in the Daily Nation on Monday April 5, 2010, Mutahi Ngunyi dismissed the Proposed Constitution of Kenya as too playful and experimental.  While Mr. Ngunyi is entitled to his view of the Proposed Constitution, as a Kenyan who has an equal stake in a new Constitution like him, I could not disagree more. Mr. Ngunyi is wrong on all three reasons he gives for his decision to vote against the Proposed Constitution. Read the rest of this entry »

Kenya: Referendum Offers Kenyans Chance to Break With the Past

June 8, 2010

Previously published in the Business Daily.

The August 4 referendum on the draft constitution is a pivotal event in Kenya’s history.

This referendum gives Kenya the opportunity to break away from the past; a past that has benefited a few to the exclusion of tens of millions of Kenyans for over four decades.

It offers Kenya a clean slate to begin anew and face the challenges that a new global order brings.

For millions of Kenyans, everyday life brings with it struggles of having to make a decent living with limited resources in a country lacking in the barest tenets of constitutional order. Read the rest of this entry »

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