Equal Rights Could Be Better Served

I think Al Franken made a mistake – actually lots of mistakes but let’s add one more: he should have stayed in the Senate and joined the Republican Party. Franken was a comedian and some will laugh or smirk at that comment. But Trump and his “base” and many in their party have no problem with male chauvinist behavior; indeed they flaunt it and they’re still fighting against everything the Equal Rights Amendment tried to accomplish. Both personal and policy failings are bad, but the combination is worse especially in the case of public officials. The fact that Republicans have both policy as well as personal failings with sexual abuse and harassment is a double failure; it’s a mistake to conflate all gender and sexual error as if there is no difference and as if fewer equals more.

Too much is happening at once. But here’s another – John Lewis and the other venerable civil rights leaders who protested Trump’s appearance at the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum made a mistake. At what other time would they have had a chance to lambast Trump in front of a national audience, and, more important, Trump’s “base”? I haven’t figured out a way to reach that group of people. Trump tried to hand it to them.

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