Need for True Republicans

April 29, 2010

Ronald Reagan famously said government is the problem. Lawyers are taught to be very careful about making all or nothing statements like that. The real world is usually full of qualifications. Like all categorical statements, the claim that government is the problem is false, misleading and harmful. Read the rest of this entry »


April 19, 2010

Americans have grown accustomed to talking about this nation as the world’s superpower. We glory in the notion that we are the top dog in the international pack. It’s a very dangerous conceit. Read the rest of this entry »

John Paul Stevens

April 12, 2010

Some of us grew up with Mozart envy, feeling over the hill when we were barely out of our teens. But then here’s John Paul Stevens who has made his mark in his 80s. He announced he would retire at the end of this Supreme Court term, when he will be 90 years old, convinced that he is aging because his tennis game is slowing down. Read the rest of this entry »

Sarah Palin’s Irresponsible Rhetoric

April 5, 2010

Following the vote on health care, Sarah Palin put 20 congressmen in gun sights on her Facebook page. And she followed that up with “Don’t Retreat, Instead RELOAD!” She is unapologetic. According to Palin, violent language is just a fact of American life, part and parcel of our sports talk. Just how should we take that? Read the rest of this entry »

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